Friday, 9 January 2015

Public Holidays in Turkey 2015

You should pay attention to these dates while booking your holidays in Turkey in 2015. As these dates have high demand on bookings in Assos, Canakkale and the rest of Turkey, we recommend booking ahead. Some hotels may apply a minimum stay or a higher tariff on accommodation for national holidays and special days. In this section you will find these national holiday dates for Turkey 2015.

1st of January 2015 New Year’s Holiday

23rd  of  April 2015 Thursday will be a national holiday in Turkey: National Sovereignty and International Children’s Day.

1st of May 2015 Friday: So it will be a long weekend holiday. Labor and Solidarity Day

19th of May 2015 Tuesday this date may not alter bookings as it falls into a weekend Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day

28th (half a day) and the 29th of October 2015, half a day Wednesday & Thursday will be holidays in Turkey. It is the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Half a day on the 16th of July Thursday, 17 Friday, 18 Saturday and 19 Sunday July 2015 will be public holidays in Turkey. Ramadan Feast 2015

30th of August 2015 Sunday this date may not alter bookings as it falls into a weekend Victory Day
Half a day on the 23rd of September Wednesday, 24th Thursday, 25th Friday, 26th Saturday and the 27th Sunday will be public holidays in Turkey 2015. Sacrifice feast will be the longest public holidays in Turkey in 2015.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Wishes

Happy new year to everyone! Here is our card for 2015, made by Yusuf Tansu Ozel as always.
Please visit for his other marvelous works.

This year, we have more belief in Santa Claus than in our current president; and letting the goats run away literally meaning "kecileri kacirmak" in Turkish, says that we are going slightly mad... 

...and hereby in beloved memory of Freddie Mercury, we wish more awareness on STDs in 2015.

We hope there is more peace on earth for children, as the word "war" should be one of the last words to learn at the age of 5.

We wish that people stop buying hearts from petshops. Hearts are not for sale, they are out on the streets and in the shelters looking for other hearts to warm them. New year's eve is a time, probably when the most food is wasted globally; try to deliver the left-overs of your new year feasts to those who will eat not for joy but to stay alive.

Hopes and wishes are endless and we are not perfect but we can all try to be better.